Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond Ring with Pink Centre in 9ct White Gold Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond Ring with Pink Centre in 9ct White Gold

Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond Ring with Pink Centre in 9ct White Gold

This ring features an elegant 9-carat white gold build and has been set with a vibrant brilliant cut pink lab-grown diamond with a clear...

Luminesce Lab Grown Pink & White 1/4 Carat Diamond Ring set in a 9ct White Gold

A perfect combination of pink and white Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds. This gorgeous 1/4 Carat Brilliant Cut Pink Diamond is surrounded by 8 Brilliant...

Luminesce Lab Grown Pink & White 20-24Pt Diamond Ring set in 9ct Rose Gold

Celebrate the colours and tones of this beautiful Luminesce Lab Grown Pink & White 20-24Pt Diamond Ring set in 9ct Rose Gold. A luxurious...

Coloured Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Colour your world with Luminesce’s collection of coloured lab grown diamond rings

Busting with vibrance, playfulness and charm, diamonds rings with a coloured hue are guaranteed to uplift your mood and spirit. From romantic pinks and violets to sunny yellows, there are so many fabulous rings to choose from in Luminesce’s collection of coloured diamond jewellery. 

Whether you are looking for dress rings and lab-grown diamond engagement rings, a coloured lab grown diamond ring will always make for an exciting choice that is guaranteed to make a statement. Not to mention, they are an eco-friendlier and budget-friendlier option to their mined counterparts which tend to be a lot more expensive. 

Adding coloured lab diamond rings to your collection whether it be a lab grown wedding ring, engagement ring or a dress ring will instantly elevate and enhance your style, infusing it with a splash of brilliance and a dash of unique playfulness, making for a truly eye-catching look. 

Guaranteed to grab some attention, coloured diamond rings provide an excellent opportunity to step outside the ordinary when making your next diamond purchase, especially as our collection caters to all different styles and price tags. Choose from timeless solitaire diamond rings that will next go out of sparkle, halo rings which offer a bit of extra sparkle or a daring cluster ring that tells a very unique story. You will also find a variety of sizes that cater to your individual needs and wants including 1 carat lab-grown diamond rings, 2 carat lab-grown diamonds rings and more. 

Discover the epitome of modern elegance with our exquisite lab grown diamond wedding rings. Whether you're seeking the ideal match for a lab grown diamond engagement ring or aiming for a seamless combination in our lab grown diamond bridal sets, we offer a diverse array of options to suit your preferences. 

Discover our range of coloured lab-grown diamonds at Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds today. Buy now and pay later with Afterpay so you can budget out your purchase better and receive free shipping Australia-wide when your spend $69 or more.

Can you get Coloured lab-grown diamonds?

Yes! Coloured lab-grown diamonds do exist and they are are great option for those looking for a unique design that doesn’t break the bank like fancy coloured mined diamonds. Coloured lab-grown diamonds are made by adding a gas mixture and then combining it with specific treatments following the formation process. 

What is the best colour for a lab-grown diamond?

Much like mined diamonds, coloured lab-grown diamonds come in all shades of the rainbow. While there are some colours that are more popular than others such as pink and yellow, figuring out what is the best colour for a lab-grown diamond is ultimately down to personal preference. 

Can a jeweller tell if a diamond is lab grown?

Lab-grown diamonds share all the physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond. This means it can be quite difficult to distinguish between the two. In fact, even the most experienced and well-trained jewellers won’t be able to tell the difference without the use of specialised equipment. 

Do lab-grown diamonds lose Colour?

No, lab-grown diamonds do not lose their colour. But it is still important to provide them with adequate care and even a little TLC every now and then to ensure they retain their sparkle and shine.

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