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Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds Online

Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds allows anyone to have that beautiful and bright diamond sparkle without it costing the world. Now you can buy lab grown diamonds online as easily as getting any other kind of jewellery. Treat yourself to our high-quality lab grown diamond jewellery today.

The great thing about lab grown diamonds is that they have the same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as mined diamonds. Lab created diamonds not only provide a bigger and brighter sparkle for less, but they are also an eco-friendlier choice. 

Australian-owned and operated, in the Luminesce range you will find everything from exquisite man made diamond engagement rings and wedding rings to man made diamond earrings, pendants, bracelets and more, at extremely competitive prices.  

Powered by Shiels Jewellers, a family-run business that has been providing Australians with valuable and affordable jewellery for over 70 years, Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds offers something for everyone. You will find no cubic zirconia or diamond simulants here - just real diamonds, grown from diamond seeds under high-pressure conditions, mimicking those that form natural diamonds over time deep underground. Find out everything you need to know about lab created diamonds in our Learn section.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to buy the best lab grown diamonds online, shop our range today - and don’t forget to check out our sale for a serious bargain.

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