So you’ve been told that size matters and you’re now wondering how to make your diamond look bigger? We’ve got some solutions for you so you’ll never have to feel bad about your diamond jewellery. 

Whether you’re currently looking to buy diamond jewellery or already have some, this guide will be useful for you and should be used as a resource for the next time you’re shopping for a new ring.


Ring Settings

An easy way to make your diamond look bigger is to go with a slim setting. When you select a setting with a slim band and small prongs it will make the centre diamond look larger, in comparison to rings with thicker bands and large prongs which makes the centre diamond look smaller. So when you’re trying to make your diamond look as large as possible, shop for a ring with a thick, elegant setting.

Is A Halo Ring The Answer?

In a halo setting, the centre diamond stone will be surrounded by smaller diamonds. This creates an optical illusion of the centre diamond being larger than it actually is. The extra shimmer and sparkle from the smaller diamonds enhance the effect dramatically. 

If you have an old diamond ring with which you want to make the stone appear larger you can actually add a halo setting which will result in a much larger appearance for the centre stone and cost a fraction of upgrading to a larger centre diamond.

Diamond Shape

Another thing that can affect how large your diamond looks is the shape it's cut into. There is a wide range of shapes that diamonds come in, for example, there are pear, round, oval, princess, and many more to choose from. Some diamond cuts have more mass on the top of the diamond which gives the illusion of looking larger per carat. 

The largest-looking diamond shapes per carat are marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Oval diamonds are the top choice out of all of those options and offer the closest look to a classic-style engagement ring of a round-cut diamond.

While some shapes make diamonds look larger per carat, others make them look smaller per carat. Avoid shapes like Asscher cuts and princess diamonds. These diamonds hide most of their weight below the top of the diamond. Round diamonds are also a shape you want to avoid just due to marquise, pear and oval diamonds looking larger and that round cuts are generally more expensive.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds The Answer?

Lab-grown diamonds rings offer the same physical, chemical and optical properties as diamonds that have been mined but come at a much more affordable price. Lab-grown diamonds offer excellent value compared to their mined relatives while also giving the benefit of being better for the environment. Essentially lab-grown diamonds are able to offer you a larger diamond for less money, who could say no to that?

Lab-grown diamond jewellery is growing in popularity with the growing movement for reducing carbon emissions and the impact humans are having on the environment. People are also realising that lab-grown diamonds are basically indistinguishable from mined diamonds but are more affordable. Why not pay less for the exact same product?

Already Bought One?

If you’ve already bought a diamond, don’t worry too much there are still plenty of ways to make your diamond stand out.

Keeping your diamond cleaned and polished will help maintain its appearance and sparkle. A dirty diamond won’t reflect as much light and will be less attractive than a clean sparkly one. Occasionally you could also take your diamond to be professionally cleaned by a jeweller which will help maintain the sparkle that you’re used to.

When cleaning at home buy some jewellery cleaner, polishing clothes and add a few drops of dish soap into warm water. This will get your beautiful diamond nice and sparkly again.

Lab-Grown Diamond Ring Suggestions

Luminesce Lab Grown Pear Diamond Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold


This ring is a great example of how a pear-cut diamond looks larger than other diamond cuts. This Luminesce Lab Grown ring features a 1/3 carat pear cut diamond that has been set in 9ct yellow gold. A simple yet stunning piece that lets the beautiful diamond be the star of the show.

Luminesce Lab Grown Emerald Yellow Diamond with Brilliant Cut Diamonds in 18ct YG


This is a great example of an emerald cut giving the appearance of a larger diamond. With its rare yellow colour, this will stand out from the crowd of clear diamonds with ease. Make this your statement piece that will be carried with you for the rest of your life.

Luminesce Lab Grown 1 Carat Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14ct Yellow Gold


This 1-carat diamond has a 14-carat yellow-gold thin setting that appears to make the diamond larger than it really is. The way this ring does its thin setting is that the gold gets thinner as it gets closer to the diamond centrepiece.

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