Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

The process of choosing the right diamond is definitely no walk in the park. Because there are so many things you have to consider before taking the plunge and making your purchase. We aren't just talking about what type of style or metal you want. Before you even set foot in a jewellery boutique or scroll through endless pages of jewellery websites, you have to consider what cut, colour, carat and clarity you want your diamond to be, how much you are looking to spend and these days, whether to buy a mined or lab created diamond. We’re here to make the case for why lab grown diamonds are the best choice. 

There is a consensus out there that the world of diamonds is pretty black and white, but in reality, it's not that clear-cut as that as there are so many different types of diamonds on the market today. There are the classic naturally-sourced diamonds that are mined from deep within the earth’s crust. There are treated diamonds that are sourced in the same way as mined diamonds, except they are artificially enhanced with silicone and other chemical compounds to make them look purer. Then there are man-made diamonds that share the same physical properties as earth-mined diamonds but are grown in a laboratory setting that mimics the high pressure and high-temperature conditions a traditional diamond is grown in. 

While the concept of lab-grown diamonds has been around since the early 1960s, their appearance in jewellery is still a relatively new phenomenon. There are many people out there who don’t even know they exist! And while some have embraced them for their quality and their eco-friendly nature, others are a little more hesitant to embrace these lab-created beauties. Some of the criticisms of diamond lovers who aren’t that eager to embrace change are that lab-grown diamonds are not as pure as their earth-mined counterparts and that they have the potential to be mass-produced, but here’s why that is not the case and why lab grown diamonds should be high up on your list when choosing your next piece. 

Why Lab Grown Diamonds Overview: 

What Are The Benefits Of Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are a great alternative to natural diamonds if you're not able or ready to spend thousands of dollars for a gem. These diamonds have the same physical characteristics as their mined counterparts, but are available at a much lower price. Here are some other benefits of lab-grown diamonds:

1. More Bang For Your Buck

One thing that has many people raving about lab grown diamonds is their price tag.  Who doesn’t love a good bargain after all? One element that man-made diamonds are often always praised for is that they offer a bigger, brighter and sometimes better sparkle for a fraction of the price of naturally-mined diamonds.

While it varies depending on the 4C’s (cut, colour, carat and clarity), the material used in the setting and a handful of other factors, some diamond experts believe that you can expect to pay between 30 and 40% less than what you would pay for an earth diamond in the same condition. This statistic also varies depending on the kind of diamond as well. If you were to purchase an extremely rare pink diamond from Western Australia’s recently closed Argyle mine that produced over 90% of the world’s fancy pink diamonds, you would be looking at spending a whopping $140,000 to $180,000 just for one carat. If you were to instead opt for pink diamonds from the Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond range, your bill would be somewhere between $1000 and $7000 depending on the size, condition and colour of the diamond you choose. 

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2. An Eco-Friendly Sparkle

One factor that trumps all in the decision to go with man-made diamonds over earth diamonds is that they are a lot more eco-friendly. More and more people are becoming conscious about the products they purchase, the clothes that they wear on their backs and much more, so it’s only natural that this concern has now impacted the diamond buyer's market. 

When diamonds are mined from underneath the earth’s upper mantle, the energy used to retrieve them is immense. This means that the carbon footprint left by the naturally-mined diamond industry can be pretty vast. Man-made diamonds, having been produced in a controlled laboratory setting do require a fair bit of energy, however, compared to the level required for the earth-mined kind the energy required is very minimal. 

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3. As Real As Can Be

There is a common misconception out there that lab-created diamonds are the same as simulant diamonds. If you are someone who thinks this, we are sorry to inform you…but you're completely wrong. Lab grown diamonds are as real as diamonds can be. Lab grown diamonds are considered to be real diamonds as they share the same physical properties as naturally-mined diamonds. If you were to place an earth-mined diamond and a lab grown diamond next to each other, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference under the naked eye. Even a diamond industry expert with years and years of experience behind them would find it difficult to determine the difference between the two without the right equipment. This is because the only real difference between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are how they came to be, how they are sourced and of course their name. 

While they may look very similar to diamonds, simulant diamonds like cubic zirconia and moissanite are not real diamonds. Popular among jewellery lovers who want their jewellery to give the same effect as diamonds as well as those who want a certain style for less. Not only do cubic zirconia and moissanite stones sparkle a lot differently than lab-grown or earth-mined diamonds, but they are also made from a completely different mineral substance altogether. Consisting of zirconium dioxide, cubic zirconia stones are also produced in a lab like man-made diamonds, however, they are formed by melting zirconium dioxide powder with stabilising minerals like calcium and magnesium at around two thousand degrees celsius. Still, practically in their infancy, moissanite stones somewhat mimic the process in which diamonds are formed as it involves exposing carbon and silicone to high pressure and high temperature. However, that is where the similarities between the two stones end. While it is rare for a diamond to discolour, scratch or even crack, diamond simulants have a much weaker structure and can often become cloudy and scuffed.

4. A Durable Sparkle 

Given lab-grown diamonds share the same physical and chemical compounds as mined diamonds, it’s not at all surprising to learn that they also provide a durable sparkle. Ranking in tenth place on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, a scale that helps measure the strength and toughness of gemstones and other natural minerals, naturally-mined and lab-grown diamonds are two of the toughest stones in the world. Diamonds are so powerful that they can even cut through other tough substances like glass which ranks at around six or seven on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. In fact, many will be surprised to learn that diamonds are used to cut glass in commercial and manufacturing settings. Referred to as the diamond drill bit, these specially produced diamonds are fitted onto the end of numerous saw blades and drilling machines so they can be used by industrial workers to cut through a number of tough materials including glass, concrete, timber and more.

5. An Ethical Sparkle

Arguably one of the biggest factors as to why lab grown diamonds are so high on peoples’ shopping lists is the fact that they are more ethical than naturally-mined diamonds. This is because diamonds are a sore subject for many and often linked to some pretty controversial practises, particularly in multiple African countries from which a lot of the world’s diamonds are sourced. 

If you have ever seen the 2006 Leonardo DiCaprio film, Blood Diamond, you will know that diamond mining is a risky business in many corners of the world. While much of the film is fictionalised, the diamond trade in several parts of the world has been linked to atrocities including forced labour, torture, war and other human rights issues. These diamonds are often nicknamed ‘conflict’ or ‘blood’. These conflicts have marred the diamond industry for many years. Now, in a world where consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of the products they use, like palm oil and non-fair trade coffee, they’re also becoming more conscious about how their diamonds are sourced.

6. They Come In All Different Colours, Shapes & Styles

Another reason why lab grown diamonds should be high up on your list is their versatility. With the ability to get your hands on anything from traditional white diamonds to coloured diamonds, you don’t have to compromise when choosing a lab grown piece. Particularly, when it comes to colour. Some people will even pick coloured lab grown diamonds over coloured mined diamonds. Not only because they cost a fraction of the price, but also because coloured lab grown diamonds are often a lot more vibrant and bright than their naturally-mined counterparts. Much like earth-mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds achieve their bright colours during their formation process. In the case of lab grown diamonds, they get their colour when irradiation is used to help change the structure of the crystal lattice a.k.a the stone’s structure. 

Lab grown diamonds also offer a lot of versatility when it comes to their shape and setting. This is because lab grown diamonds are typically cut and polished into the same shapes as earth-mined diamonds. The same goes for the styles and settings. Regardless of whether you gravitate towards classic styles like diamond solitaire rings, the glitzy and contemporary halo diamond rings or antique style options, there’s a man-made diamond out there to suit.

Should You Buy A Lab-Created Diamond?

Are lab made diamonds good? In a word, yes! Lab grown diamonds are real diamond stones produced in a laboratory. You can trust they're not conflict or blood diamonds, and you can choose the colour, clarity, cut and carat size that work best for you. 

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