Will Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Value?

Lab grown diamonds are highly valuable gemstones. They have the same chemical structure as a mined diamond and in most cases look exactly the same. In almost all ways but their formation - they are true diamonds. 

This is great news for jewellery buyers because while lab diamonds are equally beautiful compared to their mined counterparts, they are also more affordable. Cracking down deeper and deeper into the earth can get pricey, and though growing diamonds in a lab is complex, it’s certainly more efficient and less expensive. You can factor in the environmental and ethical expenses that diamond mining gives birth to as well, which is completely avoided by lab grown diamonds. 

So, we can tell you that lab grown diamonds do have value for their beauty and innovative creation. But do they hold that value? For whatever reason you may eventually resell your lab grown diamond jewellery - this is important to know. 

Hopefully, you won’t ever need to resell your diamonds, as they are a truly special stone. But we’re always here to help and to provide you with any information you need for buying lab grown diamonds, so let’s delve into the topic of lab grown diamond value. 


Do Lab Grown Diamonds Hold Value?

If you hear that lab grown diamonds don’t hold any value after purchase, then that simply isn’t true. Lab grown diamonds certainly have value for their appearance and durability, and as we’ve mentioned they are exactly the same as natural diamonds in chemical make-up and hardness. 

From a monetary standpoint, however, your lab grown diamonds aren’t going to hold very much value after they are taken out of the store. Almost all diamonds you buy will drop in price once worn, but lab grown diamonds are particularly susceptible to losing value after purchase. Again, hopefully, you won’t need to sell your diamonds after purchase. 

Lab grown diamonds are also becoming more common as more are switching to the eco-friendly option. As greater amounts of diamonds are grown, the retail price is likely going to drop. This is excellent news if you are planning to purchase lab grown diamonds as they’ll be more affordable, but this also means their value will also drop a little more after you buy. 

Where lab grown diamonds do continue to hold their value after purchase is in their hardness and quality. Diamond is the hardest material in the world, and man-made diamond is no different. The carbon-based gemstone is ultra-resistant to scratch and wear, hence the saying “diamonds are forever”. If kept clean, diamonds won’t lose their sparkle either. You can be sure that a lab grown diamond will stay with you for life’s most important moments for years after purchase.

Do Lab Grown Diamonds Have Resale Value?

In the event you wanted to sell your man-made diamond jewellery, you would find that lab grown diamonds don’t have very much resale value. This is one of the very few downsides of buying lab grown; but while many jewellers won’t buy back man-made diamonds, you may still be able to sell your pieces online.

If you can find a place to sell your jewellery online, you can get some of your money back from your purchase. Some online diamond sellers will buy back lab grown diamonds, you just might have to do a bit of searching to find them. Otherwise, you won't have too many jewellers willing to buy back worn lab grown diamonds, as they won’t be able to sell them again for much profit.

Most diamonds will lose much of their value after wear, so we definitely recommend that you make diamond purchases with the expectation to keep them forever.

What Is The Resale Value Of Lab Grown Diamonds?

As with a natural diamond you can expect your lab grown diamonds to significantly drop in monetary value after purchase. Some estimate that lab grown diamonds can drop to 10% of their original price or lower, while more generous estimators put them nearer to natural diamonds at 30% of the original price. 

If you are able to find an online marketplace for your lab grown diamonds, we hope that you can find a reasonable price. Keep in mind that the resale value will also be strongly affected by the quality of your diamond. 

Just like mined diamonds, man-made diamonds are evaluated using the 4Cs of diamond evaluation: colour, clarity, cut and carats. The original price that you purchased your lab grown diamond for should give you a good idea of its quality. It’s fair to say that the higher quality you own, the more likely it is you’ll sell your gemstone, as it will be more desirable. 

Brand-new top-quality lab grown diamonds can sell for over $10,000, which gives you an idea of the impact and desirability of these perfect stones. We still can’t recommend that you buy a lab grown diamond as an investment, but know that they do reach some impressive heights. In terms of their beauty and effortless shine, lab grown diamonds are truly valuable gemstones.

Lab Grown Diamonds: An Investment For Our Future

So lab grown diamonds aren’t a great investment, at least with regards to their monetary value. As with any gemstone purchase, you should put plenty of thought and time into choosing the right one for you and making sure you aren’t buying something you won’t want to keep forever. 

Putting this aside, you should feel great when you walk out of the store with lab grown diamonds. Not just because you’ve bought a precious and stunning stone, but because you’ve done your part to invest in a sustainable future. 

The destruction of natural habitats and wildlife from large-scale mining leaves scars that are impossible to heal. The chemical solutions used in mining are highly damaging to regrowth in the area, even decades after mining has stopped. 

The ethical concerns of mining are important too. Historically, mines have been the sites of conflict, over-working and unsafe conditions. The industry is improving in this regard as unsafe mines lose support and funding, but you can be sure that lab grown diamonds are created without conflict or large-scale mistreatment of workers.

As the man-made diamond industry grows, so does the efficiency of the growing processes and the sustainability of our energy sources. If you buy lab grown, you are supporting the cause and growing the industry. And, if you ask us - this is a hugely positive step towards a sustainable jewellery market and brighter future.

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